Food & Beverages Sector

Sodium Phosphate Mono

  • Synonym : Sodium Bi Phosphate
  • Uses : In baking powder

Ammonium Phosphate Mono

  • Synonym : Ammonium biphosphate, Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate.
  • Uses : BufferingAs baking powder with sodium bicarbonate in fermentations (yeast culture etc.)

Ammonium Acetate

  • Synonym : Acetic acid ammonium salt
  • Uses : Preserving meat

Potassium Phosphate

  • Synonym : Di Potassium hydrogen phosphate.
  • Uses : Buffering agent in antifreeze solution, nutrient in the culturing of of sequestrant in the preparation of non dairy powder, coffee cream.

Sodium Phosphate DI

  • Synonym : Di sodium Hydrogen Phosphate
  • Uses : Emulsifier and buffer in foods

Zinc Acetate

Uses : As reagent in testing for albumin, tannin, urobilin, phosphate, blood.

Zinc Sulphate

Uses : As reagent in analytical chemistry
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